I am a 3rd Generation Dental Lab Owner and a technophile.  I’ve worked in a variety of jobs since the age of 14 doing everything from scraping carpets off the floors of school cafeterias and pumping gas to doing SMB Sales for a Fortune 50 company and doing freelance web and graphic design.

My passion is for new ideas and new challenges.  I’ve put that passion to use in my career in the Dental Laboratory industry by looking for new materials and methods for products we make and developing new processes for the way we do business.  Small businesses are the heart of the American economy but modern technology allows us to use methods in our businesses today that just a few short years ago would have required a team of engineers and programmers.  I believe that this is where our success comes from; the willingness to take calculated risks and do what hasn’t been done.

This website is my starting point for sharing my experiences with others in the hopes that it will be useful for them too.  Just like the lecturing I’ve done over the past 10 years to share information about dental restorations this website shows some of the lessons learned away from the bench.


Occasionally I offer my services as a consultant to other businesses.  If you’ve got an interesting challenge or you believe that your business just needs a nudge in the right direction to get going, then I might be able to help.

If you’re interested in seeing how any of the concepts I’ve talked about here might work in your business I am available for consulting small and medium business clients in a select few markets.  Please see the Contact Me page for more.