One of the biggest events in our industry of Dentistry takes place roughly 5,000 Miles away across an ocean in Cologne, Germany.  It’s called the “International Dental Symposium” and it takes place every 2 years.

I had high hopes of making it to this event this year but I’ll wait for 2019 I guess.  The big reason to want to attend is that major manufacturers hold off all of their big news and product releases till this event even though it’s only a month after North America’s biggest event in Chicago, IL every year.

I was monitoring everything I could from various sources when I realized that the best of what I was seeing came from following the #IDS2017 hash on Twitter.  Time to put Zapier to the test!

I created a Zap that would look for all Tweets using the hashtag I was following and took out the “RT” for retweets.  I had all of those tweets sent to my Slack channel.  The result?  I was notified several times a day about the latest news and when the event was over I just had to turn off the zap.  I knew what was going on almost as fast as it happened over there because people at various events were trying to race to tweet the “big news” from different companies.

Take a look at doing this for your next industry event.  Many of these large events share hashtag suggestions with attendees and encourage them to post.  It might give you an edge or maybe even keep you from being called away from valuable work.