Virtual Collaboration

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Digital communication tools empower new opportunities for dental laboratories By Pam Johnson The soft “ding” from your tablet interrupts what had been an otherwise quiet evening. You brace yourself for notification that one of your Wi-Fi connected milling or 3D printing machines at the laboratory has experienced a problem that can’t be fixed remotely.


HR Headaches: How to Solve Your Most Pressing Personnel Problems

Overuse of Digital Devices Top Issue in the Laboratory Karen Crace caught him red-handed. She was bringing a case over to one of her technicians when she discovered him playing a video game on his smartphone while it was tucked into a drawer of his bench.

ABS Evolution: Streamlining Communication and Data Access

The latest version of Evolution Software from Atlanta Based Systems (ABS), released last month, has expanded the existing communications features, adding more automatic notification options to further…

Inventory Management: How to Keep More Profit In Your Pocket

Having an organized inventory management system in place ensures you and your team have what you need when you need it. Laboratory owners of three different-sized operations detail their inventory management strategies and share tips for simplifying supply tracking, streamlining orders and minimizing costs.