Resume & Skills

Relevant Work Experience

Synopsis: I’ve worked since the age of 14, so my background is varied.  I’ve worked with small mom-and-pop outfits, small tech firms, large manufacturing organizations, and good old fashioned sweaty, grimy manual labor.  It’s given me a real appreciation for how different all of these businesses are, but how essential some practices are to all shapes and sizes.s.

Managing Partner

Russellville Dental Lab, LLC

Bought controlling interest in 2015 of 60 year small business as third generation family majority owner.  As Managing Partner I’m responsible for managing Product Development, Customer Growth, Market Development, and Growth Strategy.

Prior: Chief Technology Officer, Dental Implant Technician

For a through list of accomplishments and special projects at Russellville Dental Lab, please see the Projects section.

XPS Sales Representative dell-logo

Dell Computers

Inbound sales representative for top-tier sales group within Home sales unit.  Answered inbound calls from the US highest income demographics.

Prior: Dell-On-Call Tech Support, Mid-Market Fraud Detection Specialist, Manufacturing/Distribution (AM1 in Nashville, TN)

Web Coordinator 

Murray State University, Department of Alumni Affairs

As Web Coordinator I was responsible for updating and maintaining the departments web presence and for developing special projects for the purpose of developing and maintaining positive relations with the Alumni of the University.

Database Developer 

Dean’s Milk (formerly Ryan’s Milk)

As a database developer I was put in charge of developing a system that would allow users better access to quality reports in a more timely fashion.

Formal Education

Murray State University

Bachelor’s of Science in Business (Marketing)

Completed the requirements for Bachelor’s Degree Program.  Focus on Marketing, but unique structure of degree gave comprehensive business education.  AACSB Accredited Program.

Business Skills


Synopsis: Marketing is one of my biggest passions and something I’ve studied and practiced for nearly two decades.  I love the practice of clarifying purpose and aligning marketing practices with business goals.
Marketing Concept Creation
Target Market Clarification
Creatives Management
Media Planning

Business Development

Synopsis: I’m a creative thinker with a background in, and a passion for, technology.  I like to simplify things, and I hate to see waste, especially in the form of labor.  One of my favorite things to do is to eliminate wasteful labor and tasks by automating processes.
Process Improvement & Systems Development
Streamlining & Eliminating Waste
Budgeting & Cost Measurement

Technical Skills

Synopsis: My background in high-tech fields has led to a variety of practicable skills.  I’m not a “jack of all trades” by any means but my experiences have certainly helped create synergy between those technological concepts I do have experience with and the business skills I’ve built.
General Computer & Server Knowledge
Office Systems & Software
Web Development, Programming, & APIs